Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spring haul

It's the middle of the spring, so I needed a haul. Buying some stuff was in my plans and others... Well, I just saw them. Let me know your favorites.

Even&Odd shoes, 23,20€
 These are the ones  you love or hate. Glitter and little platform bought my love. 

Aldo sandals, 43,40€

New Yorker socks, 2,96€ for each pair
These are sooo cute!! I can't wear them with a pair of sneakers and shorts or a skirt.

New Yorker crop top, 9,95€
Crop tops seems to be a must have this season, so I bought this in XS and it fits

so well! This top is made of polyester and is quite thick, which is great,
because it's not one of those see-through pieces.

H&M short necklace, 7,95€

H&M short double chain necklace, 10,13€
This looks great with the one above, that's how I always wear them.

H&M sunglasses, 7,95€

Thrift finds

This was so cute that I couldn't leave it there. My size is XS, M looks great as well, because i just
don't like wearing tight tops or sweaters. This is XL and it's HUGE, but it will be super comfy
for wearing at home or in the nature, by the fire. 0,98€

This is my favorite piece from thrift shops. I love that this blouse is khaki green,
so it matches my eyes. It looks amazing with a pair of jeans and massive
accessories. 1,16€

The last thing are these black denim shorts. Now I'm not sure do I really like them, whatever. 1,16€

Love, Aušrinė ;>>

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

No longer 16

Yesterday I celebrated my 17th birthday. Everything was amazing, my friends know me so well. That's all.

Love, Aušrinė ;>>

Nameless post

Love, Aušrinė ;>>

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Designing clothes

More than one month I was realy busy and spent my whole time worrying about school stuff. I was creating a little collection with two other girls. The main idea was to create modern clothes, taking some details from those who lived in Lithuania a really long time ago. I designed clothes and accessories for 3 girls, including myself, when others managed to make only one outfit. Almost every detail depended on me, so I tried to make it look as good as possible and that was hard, because our teacher wanted to see different view.
Here are the ones designed by me.

Love, Aušrinė ;>>