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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Not so long ago I had a little event. Me and 2 more girls got few things from Mary Kay cosmetics as a present. All the products are from Mary Kay's line "At Play" and beautiful playful package shows it. The only makeup I use is mascara, BB creme and cosmetic pencil for my eyebrows, so I didn't know anything about this brand. Luckily, there is such a great thing as Google to find anythig we need. Mary Kay has more than 3 million Independent Beauty Consultants and offers more than 200 premium products in more than 35 countries around the world. Most of the reviews I saw were really good and I was very quick to try everything. The result is pretty good, so I decided to share it with people, who are interested.

1. Baked Eye Trio "Ocean view"
I love the colors. They perfectly match each other and are really easy to mix, but without mixing they look great as well and are perfect when you need a sharp and effective makeup. I felt relieved when these eye shadows stayed without creasing longer than others I have tried before. That's why I was avoiding all eye shadows, eyeliners and eye crayons all the time, but these are great.

Glides on smoothly, blends easily and is smearproof. - Mary Kay
I can't agree
 100%, because it isn't smearproof at all. Well, I guess I just need a makeup primer. I also tried to use eyeshadows over this eye crayon and it worked better than alone. The color is like a dark grey with a shade of blue; it's amazing.

The color reminds plums when you apply it, but still looks quite natural and is very comfortable on the lips! It's glossy and a little bit shiny. I love it! The only negative thing is that drinking (or eating) becomes complicated.

This one works not only as a lip liner, but as a lipstick as well. It's also comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them. All the products above have glitters, so has and this one. You can easily buy my love with anything that shines! I think this may become my everyday lip color, especially when it's almost Christmas time!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU for Mary Kay cosmetics and for one Lithuanian magazine, which I don't want to mention yet for some resons. Maybe this will be a good beginning for improving my makeup skills!
What do you think of these products? Have you tried any?

Love, Aušrinė ;>>


  1. I love your Eye Crayon, is perfect! I like your nails too
    have a nice weekend!

  2. hey sweetie!
    I just found your lovely blog and I couldn't resist to
    leave a comment! You have such a great style girl!
    You look gorgeous, love your sense of style and your
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    Greetings from Greece

  3. Such great goodies... Would you like to follow each other? Let me know,
    Hugs :)

  4. Great post, thanks for sharing! The crayons seem amazing!
    Lets follow each other and network?
    Let me know and keep in touch ^^
    Have a great day dear

    1. Thank you! I really love the one for lips!
      Sure we can keep in touch ;>>

  5. These look amazing. The baked eyeshadow is so pretty! I love those colors.

    Just found your blog and I really like it :) I'm now following you through GFC, Bloglovin, fanned you on Lookbook and liked your Facebook page.

    PS. Your blog name is awesome! I love unicorns.

    xo Azu

    1. I knew that someone loves them as much as I do!!! Thank you so much for this beautiful comment!

  6. I know exactly what you are talking about, sometimes I find myself seeing a cosmetics brand for the first time and the first thing I do is just search Google for information:) Love the packaging of every single one of them! The Baked Eye Trio "Ocean view" looks gorgeous and the Lip Crayon "Violet Love" as well, love the colour and you can never go wrong with shimmery cosmetics!

  7. Great post !Would you like to follow each other?

  8. Mary Kay looks interesting.Don't have it here in India.


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