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Monday, 30 December 2013

These are the last days of 2013. While thinking what to write here I'm trying to remember everything what's in the past now.

Last year was different. I gained an unforgetable experience, tried something I have always wanted to and had so many chances to step into the world I would like to be a part of, even if just for a second.
Of course my journey wasn't brilliant, it never is. There were many hard moments when I just wanted to disappear and hide from everyone, when I thought that I will never ever try to get what I want again. Everything happended for a reason. All ups and downs helped me to enrich my personality and I'm happy for that.

I'm not going to give myself  any promises. I'm not even talking about how I will try to be better at school. Why should I? I'm sure math or chemistry won't teach me how to talk with people in different situations, apply to university, get a job, pay bills or find friends. I'm just going to live in a moment and look how everything will turn out.

And in the end I feel calm and happy. 
Even if I could, I wouldn't change anything. I hope your emotions are as good as mine. Have a great time saying goodbye to 2013 and meeting 2014!

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Best wishes, Aušrinė ;>>


  1. Great photos and very nice dress:) xo

  2. Pačių geriausių ir tau metų! Tegul jie atneša daug naujų ir nepamirštamų išgyvenimų :) Ir sėkmės tavo blogui, tikiuosi, jis gyvuos dar ligai :))

    1. Labai tau ačiū, tikiuosi, jog tavo linkėjimai išsipildys! ;>>

  3. Dear I wanna wish u a wonderful 2014! Kisses
    Ps. Great pictures!

  4. Your hair is amazing! would love to have it that long... your dress is adorable.

  5. so pretty, so perfect!
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