2nd hand clothes?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

No one avoids speaking about second hand clothes and those talks seem to have a positive impact on peolpe. Let me show you my point of view.. Beauties we see in stores, such as Zara, H&M, Mango, match each other (less or more), so it‘s easy to pick nice-looking outfits, but, usually, that doesn‘t develop sence of style. This explains why some people need stylists. Mass market gives us fashion and style, while thrift shops make us create those things. It‘s importan to know that vintage clothes are not only the ones from thrift shops. Old mom‘s bober jacket, a dress or a skirt from your grandma‘s youth may look funny at first, but if you turn on creativity and try to put together absolutely different pieces, the result will be  a m a z i n g. Of course, everything needs practise and styling is not an exception. What I like as well is that we have a possibility to easily buy and sell good quality clothes on the internet. This allows us to make some space for new purchases. Also, we can get rid of those pieces which remind us of people or unpleasant situations. Maybe someone would wear those more often?

Speaking of stories, all 2nd hand clothes have them. We will never know what happened before us, but most of them clearly have a part in our lives. I would like to share some of my favorite clothes/accessories and tell you a little about them.

I've been loving sweatshirts lately and this is pretty "new" in my wardrobe. I will remember the day of shooting for blog post for sure, that was just crazy.

I bought this top about 3 years ago and didn't wear it too much, but when I did that time was unforgettable. Christmas and New Year's eve was just a good time with my friends. I was wearing this and during a little photoshoot for Panelė magazine a year ago. I met a professional team and super friendly girls. That was one of my biggest adventures so far.

I can only imagine how silly I will sound, but if this sweater was a person, we could be best friends. During the summer I did the craziest things, met many interesting people, smiled a lot, even cried, dreamed a lot and had the coziest evenings while wearing it.

I used to wear this lovely grey sweater non-stop, so it has seen pretty much everything.

I found this vitage bag at grandma's and it has been my favorite for more than 5 months now. All I can say is that I was experiencing life, having fun and this one right here saw it all. 

Guess what? I have another giveaway for you! I want to see your favorite second hand clothing item as well, so take a picture of your beloved one, write why it's important to you and post it on Instagram with #DrabuziuIstorijos #AusrineforVinted. Also, write your Vinted name under this picture on my Instagram account.

I will randomly pick one lucky girl and contact her on the 12th of November, 2014. She will be able to pick something up from Vinted.lt for 70LTL.

Love, Aušrinė ;>>


  1. Great clothes and bag♥ xx

  2. I love go to SH because here are fantastic things <3

  3. Love all the pictures, you know how make beautiful pictures! have a great day!


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