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Friday, 11 September 2015

Yasss, it's September again! You might know that I'm one of those weird people who love autumn. It's always exhausting and hard both mentally and physically, but I take it as a challenge. Inspiration and new experiences come with those difficulties. I also see fall as a great time to learn more about yourself, to explore, and that doesn't mean that I'm only talking about philosophical topics!

For example, it could be a new lip color. I'm sure you have those few colors which are just not for you, even though they look absolutely gorgeous on others. And then you finally find that perfect shade of red and you know you have to have it. A new makeup product can lift your mood immediately, try that by chance (way better than eating cake).

Moving on, bold lips look great when you're wearing dark clothes. Insted of wearing all black, I chose this dark green skirt and a sporty top with little trophies on it.

 top: thrifted | skirt: mine | shoes: Deichmann | bag: vintage | rings: H&M | watch: Parfois


  1. You look so pretty, love your lipstick !

  2. Oooh, šian kaip tik bandžiausi lūpdažius Eurokose. Ir vistiek pabijojau ryškų nusipirkt!.. Still doubt i could pull off dark lips ^^

    1. Aš irgi taip galvojau, kol nepabandžiau ;D surizikuok!

  3. Perfect:) xx

  4. atrodai tiesiog tobulai, lūpų spalva ir outfit - love it!!!

  5. Labai super atrodai!! Kaip pavydziu, kad tau tinka visokie sijonai!! Man atrasti tinkama sijona = didziausias galvos skausmas zmonijos istorijoje :)


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