Looking forward

I looked through my wardrobe and found this navy blue Zara blazer. Looking forward to fall and knowing that navy blue is on the top of colour trends for the cold season, I decided to wear it today and check if this outfit was OK for school. Those shoes, shirt and messy hair made my look careless.

Love, Aušrinė ;>>


Don't think too much

Here are best pictures of the 2nd photoshoot!!! This one was more active and took a little bit longer. We made our friends wait ant get bored. Sorry, guys, but it was worth to!!
It takes hours for some people to take good shots and to look good in photos. Often I'm one of them, but when my friend Vaida takes camera into her hands we need only few minutes.

Love, Aušrinė ;>>


BEAUTY: Rituals cosmetics

Hey!! I didn't plan on writing about beauty products, but when I tried this, I decided that I just have to! I have never tried anything from Rituals cosmetics before. I got this foaming shower gel as a present and I didn't know what to expect. Well, I'm impressed! Water transforms the gel into a rich, energising foam. Fujiyama combines the fresh, harmonising power of mandarins with the cooling properties of mint. I'm not a big lover of citrus scent, but I completely love the smell of this foaming shower gel! After the first time using it my skin was soft and fresh. Talking about the price, this product isn't the cheapest one, but you really get what you pay for!