A month ago I was really into dark colors, but when streets are getting darker and darker and there are no colorful leaves, I want to wear something bright again! It's like a piece of happiness in this boring routine.

I was really happy to put this orange sweater on after a long time. I don't know why, but I wear it only when I think that nature needs more colors. I am also proud to show you the skirt which is 100% made by me (just of course the fabric isn't). What do you think of it?

Love, Aušrinė ;>>


New adventures

Hello, dear readers! After a long time I'm writting again!

I have been waiting for my trip to the capital of Lithuania all month. I didn't know how it will go, but now I'm happy I went there. I met new people, saw some new places and gained an amazing experience. Now I'm reading one book and it says that the opportunity to make your dream come true makes the life interesting. That's so true. A city like Vilnius gives you lots of possibilities, but the competition is big.

I made a promise to take some photos, so here they are ;>>


I'm in love with this town.

Love, Aušrinė ;>>