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DIY: from old boring sweater to the new one

Hello, dear readers! I decided to start this month with a lovely DIY. This orange sweater is the one, which is gathering dusts in my wardrobe. I used to love it, so i wanted to change something in it. That wasn't very hard.
I do a lot of DIYs, but I just don't show them for you. From now on I'll try to make some small lessons.

You will need:
*old sweater
*another sweater with an application (howewer it's called in english) on it or just an application
*sewing needle

STEP 1. If your application is on another sweater I recommend to cut it out with a big piece of fabric.

STEP 2. Cut your application out now leaving about 1,5cm of fabric around it. 
If you don't want a frame for it, leave just about 0,5cm.

STEP 3. Put your old sweater on and find the middle of it or another place where you want to sew an application. You can mark it if you think you need to. When you take your sweater off it's time to start sewing. Don't forget to hide a side of fabric. Like this you'll make a frame for an application.
If you don't want a frame - hide all unneeded fabric.
And if your application is new, all you have to do is to sew it on your sweater and that's all.

The result is a super cute new looking sweater! What do you think of it?

P.S. It's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for family and friends! Yay finally! Have a good December!

Love, Aušrinė ;>>