There's no place for vanity

That's funny how much attention I get from those people I don't even want to talk to. Stop being fake, I can see that. Just don't. At the same time, the ones I would love to know better don't even try to keep or start a conversation for unknown reasons.


I was wearing my mom jeans, but this time in a different way. I wanted this outfit to be more elegant and high heels did their job perfectly, just as always.

jeans: H&M | leather jacket: MANGO | shirt: thrifted | cluthc: DIY | shoes: Deichmann


Some time ago

sweatshirt: thrifted | skirt: made it myself | shoes: Deichmann | longg necklace: New Yorker | chain necklace: TIBRO


Last minute

Skinnies, plain top, leather jacket, high heels and some accessories can save you anytime.

beanie, pants: H&M | top: 2nd hand | leather jacket: Mango | bag: Aldo | shoes: Deichamnn

Love, Aušrinė ;>>