Plum lips for holidays

This is my last post before Christmas. When shopping is all done and gifts are ready, the only thing left is finding something to wear. I don't own any Christmas sweaters, but I'm totally cool with that, because I like to dress up. I believe this outfit would be great for both Christmas and New Year's Eve. It's cute and comfy. I also went for plum lips to add a little bit of color.

This would be a nice option, but I will be wearing something else, which is not done yet. I'm so excited!

collar, clutch: DIY | sweater: H&M | shoes: Deichmann | watch: Parfois | dress: Free People


Gift guide

The holiday season is something unpleasant and annoying for some people. I can't understand that, because I love buying, making and, of course, getting gifts. For those who need help, I have a gift guide! Most of them are girly, but some will be perfect for guys, too. There's a lot, so let's get started!

1) Bath products
Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
You've Been Mangoed bath melt
Blackberry bath bomb
 I think this is such a lovely gift. Every girl loves to take a bath and relax after a hard day. Stuff like this is nourishing and smells amazing, just make sure you are buying this for someone who owns a bath. 

2) Candles
Scented candle
Scented candle in a box
 Scented candles are the cutest thing ever! They create a lovely and romantic atmosphere at night. I'm just obsessed with them, especially if those candles are nicely decorated like these two. I believe some guys would love to get one with a stronger, fresh scent. 

3) Decorations
Swan-shaped bowl
Fake fur cushion cover
Buying something you would like to have in your own house is always a good idea. Those military green vases may not suit everyone's taste, but I can already imagine one of them with pink or white flowers in it. Anyway, it would be better to buy decorations for more creative people, so that they could find a way to use them.

4) Headphones
Layla Rosegold Frends headphones
white headphones from Tiger
 We all know how fast these things break. Frends headphones are expensive, but, if you're buying only one present for someone special, why not? If you can't let yourself such pricey things, it's easy to find something cheaper, but still good-looking. Also, headphones would be a perfect present for your brother, guy friend or boyfriend (no gold, rose gold or pink, obviously).

5) Socks
2-pack thick socks
2-pack socks
Nothing much to say about these. Everyone needs a pair of cute warm socks during the winter season.

6) Mugs
Light pink glass
Large owl mug
Pink tumbler
Not everyone likes getting mugs/tumblers/glasses or anything like that as gifts, so better pick either extremely cute or stylish ones, otherwise, you will fail. 

7) DIYs
Internet is filled with easy DIYs. I believe it's the best gift for someone close to you. By puting a lot of effort, time and love you show how important that person is. It seems that Christmas, just like Valentine's day or Easter is not all about giving anymore. Nowadays, it's about buying, so making a DIY gift became a really nice gesture. It can even be a jar full of cards with wishes or phrases.

8) Sweets
You can never go wrong with that. Christmas is that time of the year when people get fat and some candies don't change anything.

Don't buy makeup or perfume if you are not sure what she uses and needs. If you want to, go for a nail polish or a lip balm (eosBaby Lips or Nivea would be a good choise).
Don't buy clothes or accessories, unless you are good at that and have a great sense of style.
Remember that gift cards aren't original, but still a better idea than unuseful gifts.

I hope you like this post! Let me know and share it with your friends who are desperate when it comes to buying gifts.


Winter without snow

Winter is not my favorite season of the year. I simply have nothing to wear and I'm okay with that, because the weather is just too cold and all I want is to stay inside. Sadly, this is not for me to decide, so you see what I have for you this time. I was wearing a dress (bad choise!) to stand out and look more feminine.

Anyway, I love Christmas and snow. Nature is so beautiful when everything around is white. I hope snow will start falling down soon and I will be able to enjoy the view.

My question is:
Do you like winter and why?

dress: made myself | jacket: 2nd hand | bag: vintage | shoes: Deichmann