New Year's resolutions: wardrobe

This is not a usual „To do“ list. My main New Year‘s resolution is to be happy, which consists of many things and they are not something to put on a list and make public. But what about goals related to fashion and style? Here they are:

1) Wear more dresses and skirts.

2) Design and sew at least 3 dresses.
This follows the first one. I want to gain more sewing skills and wear unique clothes. Yes, I‘m taking my DIYs to the next level.

3) Sew or buy a midi skirt and a pair of culottes.
This lenght is amazing, but I feel like people in my area may not understand this trend. Anyway, I want to become brave enough to wear whatever I want.

4) Buy a flannel shirt.

5) Experiment with different patterns, materials and styles.

6) Buy a fancy looking pair of earrings and wear them a lot.

7) Do not collect clothes.
‘It might be trendy next year‘ or ‘Maybe I will like this later‘ will not be my excuse to keep something anymore.

8) Try something neon.
I‘ve seen way too many horrible neon clothes and accessories, but I think now it‘s time to choose a really nice one and style it. It could be anything starting with a clutch and ending up with a dress. Or maybe I will go for a nail polish, which is the easiest option?

9) Make myself few different statement necklaces, one of them must be colorful.
Let‘s be real, school is not the right place to play a fashion show, but a massive necklace will make any outfit look like it‘s not an ordinary one.

That's all for now. I hope I will fulfil all the promises from this list. You, dear readers, will see my progress.


To be happy

fur coat: mom's | bag: 2nd hand (vinted.lt) | beanie: H&M