Bloggers love Deichmann and shoes

Hey! Last Thursday I attended another event for bloggers. I had an intense week dealing with some things at home to make it there, but the trip was worth the effort. Deichmann team did an amazing job once again and we all had such a fun evening. I live far from the capital, so going there to meet the girls and do something new is always exciting. This time we were invited to Spring studio to see and wear the new Deichmann F/W collection. We all had to wear a pair of shoes we chose as soon as we got our invitations and dance in front of a camera! Basically, that was almost the same as dancing in your own room just with other people around. Besides the filming part, a makeup artist prepared us for the shoot, there were delicious cake pops, cupcakes and drinks. Take a look :)



Remember that picture of your mom wearing a midi skirt and a slightly larger blouse or even a baggy sweater? I'm sure you do! I love those looks, so this is my version.

What I wanted was a modern vintage outfit. While I admire the style my mom had, I still don't want to forget my favorite pieces. Light-colored (in my case, ivory and beige) clothes and a pair of black shoes might not sound good at first, but I think that accessories helped me to keep the balance. Also, it's finally sweater weather again! I've been waiting the whole summer for it to come back. Besides, knitwear is always a trend during the cold season!


skirt, neck accessory: mine | sweater: thrifted | bag: vintage | shoes: Deichmann | watch: Parfois

I'm sure you've noticed that the photos are different from what you usually see. That's because I was lucky to work with a very talented photographer!
Visit her page SV Photography to see her beautiful works