Spring 2016 trends

Hi! Technically, spring is here even though there is a layer of snow outside. Well, at least where I live, but that might be a good thing for some of you. Especially, if you didn't have enough time to prepare your wardrobe for spring properly. 

We all know how it is these days: style takes the first place, because there are no strict rules anymore and you can choose whatever you want. However, trends still exist, so I'd like to share some of my favorites for this spring.

 Metallic shine. Still have that shiny top somewhere? Time to bring it back to life! Shoes, skirts, tops, shirts, jackets, bags, basically everything you can think of. 


Ruffles. Big, small, asymmetrical, pleated, lacy or not. This is probably my favorite trend of all, because I find ruffles very cute, fun and elegant at the same time. Not to mention how easy it is to create a clean and modern look which is not boring.


Lingerie. This one is definitely risky, but totally worth it. With such pieces you can create a minimal and chic or an urban look, it depends on accessories and other clothing items. I can definitely imagine the first dress with a bomber jacket, a fun bag and a pair of heels.


Long and fun nails. Yes. We are loving long and playful nails this season. Almond shaped nails are my all-time favorites, but right now I'm trying out different shapes. Pretty manicure and some rings can liven up the whole outfit, so it's time to experiment with some bright colors and unusual textures!

Pleats. They are everywhere. Both ruffles and pleats are good for those like me, who don't like colorful patterns. Pleated piece is a must for every fashion lover, so don't miss it!


Those are just a few trends that I decided to go for.

Stay stylish!