OOTD: Bodycon dress

Hello! I usually don't start the post talking about the outfit, but this time let's do it differently. I bought this dress back in winter and only wore it a couple of times. It's a simple grey bodycon dress, so it can be pretty casual without any fancy accessories. The weather is getting colder every day, so I decided to finally wear it again. I think the dress looks good, but I remember feeling uncomfortable wearing tight clothes. In my head it was like being nude which is not true and wrong in terms of self-confidence. I'm so glad I managed to overcome that, because bodycon dresses look great even on daily basis! Now, everyone, who has ever taken at least one photo of me, knows how hard it is, so shout-out to my boyfriend. He has a pretty good eye and is being really patient!


2016.08.10 and life update

Hey! I think it's about time to give you a little update. The day after my last exam I went straight to Vilnius, started searching for a job and then started working. This has both sides and I know that I should find a job I would entirely enjoy, I'm working on it, but now it is what it is. Yes, new experience, new skills, my own money and just time in the capital. What I don't like is that I get too tired to try to look good, draw, read or go somewhere on my days off. That just doesn't feel right and maybe because of some unfulfilled dreams and abandoned hobbies I feel like I'm losing myself. Bloggers are people, too, what might be surprising as not many girls talk openly on their blogs. Time to get real. We get tired, lazy and I can't find a valid reason to create a different impression. Curling up in bed, watching movies and just relaxing is good, but sometimes it's just too much even if I have the best companion in the entire world. Such situations often put me in a depressing mood, so it was really cool to be invited to pigu.lt event. Even though the whole topic about backpacks was more for people with kids, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Despite everything, I'm happy to be doing at least something and starting to live on my own.


Searching for a perfect backpack


Hello! It's back to school time. This year I'm starting a university, so I decided that it's time to get some new stuff. I already have a couple of items for my dorm room and maybe I'll do a haul post later, but first things first. I need a new, stylish backpack to carry all my stuff in. The problem with me is that even during the summer I manage to put so many things into my purse that my hand either hurts as hell or I can't feel it at all. A shoulder bag would be an option, but I need a backpack more to carry a laptop, books and anything else that I might or might not need. A leather backpack which would last me for a really long time would be nice, but it's way above my budget (I don't want to spend more than 80 euros). And 80 is still a lot for a student, but I want to stop wasting my money on low quality purchases.