Flawless winter

Hello! It's that time when everyone starts looking for some new clothing pieces for winter or puts the old ones on display again. Winter is definitely not that cold in all countries, but in most of them temperature falls pretty low. In any case, it's nice to have something fluffy and cute to make yourself warm. I started wearing my fur coat way before it was freezing outside just because layering is not necessary when you have a thick coat or a jacket on top. Getting to the point, we all want not only to feel comfortable but also look fabulous. There are some types of outer garments to pay attention to if you're ready to slay. 

Forever 21 | Forever 21 | MANGO
Fur coat. Of course, real fur coats are ridiculously expensive, but you are always allowed to do some thrifting or take a look at your grandma's closet. Luckily, you can find faux fur almost everywhere. All types, all colors and all sizes are wanted this winter. Fur coat is easy to match with other clothes and accessories, but the one that has a straight cut goes with everything.


OOTD: Ripped jeans and heels

I guess it's been a while. The outfit has that grunge vibe, as always, but I thought that heels would go pretty well with ripped jeans. I feel like a pair of nice heels can transform any casual outfit and make it scream "fashion". Almost the same thing a red lipstick does, so I just went for it.Wait for one more thing related to this outfit!