What to see and where to eat in Barcelona + vlog

Sveikinuosi po šiokios tokios pertraukos ir, kaip matote, paruošiau tikrai ne dar vieną produktų apžvalgą, tačiau neabejotinai turiu, ką papasakoti! Prieš dvi savaites su Mantu grįžome iš Barselonos, Katalonijos sostinės, ir kelionė buvo išties nuostabi. Pradėti norėčiau nuo to, jog tai buvo mano pirmasis skrydis lėktuvu bei pirmoji savarankiška kelionė į užsienio šalį. Sakau, pirmoji, nes Latvijoje buvau tiek kartų ir viskas ten taip panašu į Lietuvą, kad nė liežuvis neapsiverčia jos pavadinti užsienio šalimi, o dar ir gyvenau 19 metų visai šalia sienos... Taigi, savaitė Ispanijoje buvo pilna įspūdžių ir tikrai nekantrauju viskuo pasidalinti! Atsimenu, jog vis artėjant kelionės datai tikėjausi, kad mūsų atostogos bus vertos pastangų, nes turiu pripažinti, kad dirbti teko juodai, o dar ir liga užpuolė pačiame darbų įkarštyje. Gaila, tačiau tokių dalykų pasirinkti negalime ir teko suktis iš padėties taip, kaip sugebėjau. Taigi, ar tikrai buvo verta? Manau, jog mano pastangos atsipirko su kaupu!


Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

EN   Hello! I've been trying a lot of new products lately, so I am coming back with another review. As you probably can tel by the title, this time it's a makeup product. I am not the one to experiment with different foundations, because I like to stick with what I like a t this point, but Korean makeup has always been something intriguing. We all know how seriously Koreans take their appearance and skin care, and that somehow makes us trust them when it comes to beauty. I chose to put my beloved NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation aside and bought this MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++.


Studios Didier Exclusive gel polish system kit

EN   Hello, beauties! It's been a while since the last review and this time I will write a really long one. That is because I was gifted a gel nail polish manicure system kit by Didier Lab. It is a professional nail care brand which was originally founded in France, but you can find its salons all across Europe now and that is why I will be trying to write as informative text as possible in both English and Lithuanian languages. I always love a little story time, so here it is. If you follow me on my social media, you might have seen that I have worked with them in the past. When I went to their salon in Vilnius for the first time, I was then introduced with this new Studios line for the beginners and had a chance to do my own nails. I did only one hand and, staying true to myself, I chose the weirdest design which started to annoy me the minute I left the salon. There was a clear shimmery powder with a neon blue light reflecting effect and a layer of bright olive green gel nail polish underneath. Looking back, I would love to have my nails done the same way, even though I would most probably regret my choice once again.


Trakai ir diena su Fit Food

Labas! Šį kartą turiu net dvi naujienas: savo noru išbandžiau vienos dienos sulčių programą ir nufilmavau savo pirmąjį video blogą! Neslepiu, kad už tai reikia dėkoti Fit Food, nes jų marketingo vadybininkė susisiekė su manimi ir paklausė, ar mane domina jų produkcija. Kadangi labai mėgstu nesveiką maistą ir dažniausiai tingiu gamintis ką nors pati (receptai tikrai nėra mano geriausi draugai), buvau labai sudominta pasiūlymo.  Tuo pasinaudojau ne tik kaip puikia proga leisti savo kūnui pailsėti nuo viso maisto, kuris paskutiniuoju metu jam teko, bet ir nufilmavau vlogą. Tai padaryti norėjau jau seniai, bet vis atidėliodavau. Kai pažadi, pažadus reikia tesėti, tiesa? Taigi, štai ir mano pirmas, galbūt kiek prisvilęs, tačiau iškeptas su meile, blynas.


OOTD: A little over the top again

EN   Hello again! I have another outfit post for you and I know I'm wearing the same top from the latest post, but I had a chance to collaborate with a lovely photographer from Aira Klung Photography. I knew I could go over the top for this photoshoot, because not everyone is capable of capturing such outfits properly. As I still wanted to keep the style of the blog, we decided to go for something in between the usual outfit photos and more editorial shots. I really like the result and I hope you do, too.


OOTD: I bought the ugliest shirt on the Internet

EN   Hello! Here I am saying hi again and wearing the ugliest shirt in the world and this is not even a clickbait. The reason I am saying that is because the first time I saw it was in a video called "Wearing The Ugliest Shirt In The World For A Week" by Safiya Nygaard. If you don't know who she is, the girl first started creating content for BuzzFeed and now has her own Youtube channel where she tries weird clothes and just does fun stuff. This shirt is from ASOS and it's called "ASOS T-Shirt with Washed Band Print and Exaggerated Ruffle" and totally broke the Internet back in spring. The first impression this piece of clothing left was really great and I instantly thought it was unique, playful and cool. I saw some pretty negative comments on Safiya's video and that made me want to google what others think of it. Many people were confused and kept asking why would anyone make or buy such shirt. Meanwhile, I was down to buy it.


Trend report: the slippers you need to know about

EN   If you are the kind of person who loves online shopping on every possible website (which means your shopping cart has a huge amount of chothing items you never end up buying), you must have seen this trend. It has been around for way more than a year, but now it seems to be at its peak, because everyone is able to easily get a pair of these shoes, when in reality only a couple actually will. This shoe trend is everywhere now and is not leaving the runways of famous fashion designers anytime soon. If you still don't get what the fuss is about, we are talking about the babouche slippers. You can call them as you prefer, because there are so many different designs and names for a pair of shoes, which originally came from Morocco. It does not matter whether it is an original pair or one of the recent variations, this is on a serious Carrie Bradshaw level. Why don't we talk about "the ugly shoe", which does not seem to be so ugly anymore?


Blogger event at PC Europa #vienintelėlietuvoje

EN Two weeks ago I attended a blogger event at PC Europa which is probably the fanciest mall in Lithuania. Event planners did a great job, because we had a blast. The evening started with some food and orange juice, but the reason we were all there was flat lays. Yes, flat lays. If it's the first time you bump into this phrase, google it right now. You are missing out on such a great thing. I haven't mastered my technique yet, but I'm working on it. 


New in: Nike, Etam lingerie and other possessions

EN   I want to believe that I am not the only one who would sometimes go for a pair of shoes, a clothing piece or makeup rather than some extra food. They say it's better to eat pasta for breakfast than in the middle of the night, so I think there could not be a better time to renew the wardrobe than spring. I love feeling fresh by all means and new purchases often help and it doesn't matter whether those purchases are planned or not.


OOTD: Starting at 6 am

EN   Hello! Here I am again with another outfit post. There are times when I prepare for a photoshoot and it's pretty much the only thing that day despite a brunch in the city or something like that. This time it was a little different. I woke up at 6 to get ready, because the whole day was already planned. I went to work for a couple of hours, then had to go to university for one lecture and get to the place where a lovely girl did my nails. Later that day I had a meeting with Inga from Inna's corner, we had a great time and of course I asked her to take photos of my entire outfit. We met up, because she was in Vilnius anyway and needed some help taking photos of beautiful Burga phone cases, that is why I wanted my nails done nicely.
For a busy day like that you want to choose a comfortable outfit and for me there is nothing better than a pair of mom jeans. Mom jeans and fishnet something. This time I went for socks only. Also, my Aldo bag is nowhere near to what I'm used to. All of my bags are plain dark and I love when a bag has a clear shape. This one from Aldo is a complete opposite, but it was a love at first sight!


Davines Oi Shampoo and oil

EN   Time for another review! If you are not a new follower, you have probably seen my wishlist already and you know that this Davines OI oil was in it, so I have tried it before. Actually, there is only one thing left from that list! I'm sure you can see from the photos that not only do I have this hair oil, but that a 50 mm lense is in my hands, too. If you take a closer look, it's not hard to spot the skirt as well. These photos of shampoo and oil were taken after only a one use about two weeks ago. Did my opinion change? Continue reading and find out! I just want to mention that I bought these myself and this post is not sponsored. I believe I spoiled you what I think of OI product line by saying that, but there still is a lot to tell.


OOTD: Tommy Hilfiger, fur and spring

EN  Hello! After quite a while, I am coming back with a new outfit post! In the middle of April, a fur coat might seem a little bit strange, but most of you know what the weather is like in Lithuania. One day it's too warm to wear a thin jacket and the other you start questioning if facing a freezing cold weather is worth it. Well, I thought it was. I've been obsessed with two things lately: makeup (this topic requires a separate post) and creating outfits with fishnet tights. For the outfit I chose one of my favorite looks this spring: a pair of fishnet tights and ripped jeans, or any jeans, really. Also, I have to mention my new moccasins from Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid collection. I couldn't pick only a few photos this time, because I really like them all a lot, so I hope you will, too. Take a look!



EN   Since I always tell you a little about what is going on in my life, I will do it now, too. A month ago I started working again and it is amazing. We all get lazy when it comes to work and that is totally fine, but this time I really like what I'm doing. I get to write, find out more about beauty products, try some of them out, take photos, film and edit pictures. I am also responsible for a bunch of other tasks. Really, it's great. However, it's a job and not an internship, so of course I will be earning some money from now on. Okay, so I decided to make a wishlist of things I need or have always wanted. I see some of them as an investment to the future of this blog and my job as well, some are just necessary beauty related products and some are clothing items. I want to make a list to avoid buying another pair of mom jeans or something I do not need at all. This list is super short, because these are particular things and not something abstract like saying I want a dress (which I do want, too).


3 Fall Winter 2017 trends from PFW to adopt

EN   If I had to describe my style in a name of a city, it would be everything but Paris. However, there has always been something about this fashion capital that attracts me. It's always sleek, elegant and graceful. We all know that trying to write about, count and follow all trends from one or another fashion week would be pretty much the same as trying to reach the bottom row in Excel. Actually, it's two completely different things, but you get the message. I picked three that are actually appropriate and less or more suitable for every woman, so without further ado let's get straight to 3 Fall Winter 2017 trends from Paris Fashion Week you should think about adopting into your wardrobe this year.

LT   Jei turėčiau apibūdinti savo stilių įvardindama miesto pavadinimą, Paryžius tikrai nebūtų tas miestas, tačiau ši mados sostinė turi kažką tokio, kas mane visada žavėjo – mada čia visada elegantiška ir savotiškai grakšti. Visi žinome, jog bandyti aprašyti, suskaičiuoti ir pritaikyti savo garderobui visas vienos ar kitos mados savaitės metu vyravusias tendencijas prilygtų bandymui pasiekti pačią paskutinę eilutę Excel programoje. Žinoma, tai yra du visiškai skirtingi dalykai, bet suprantate, ką noriu pasakyti. Išrinkau tris kryptis, kurios daugiau ar mažiau tinka visoms moterims bei merginoms ir yra priimtinos, todėl be tolesnių šnekų apžvelgsiu tris 2017 metų rudens/žiemos tendencijas iš Paryžiaus mados savaitės, kurias ateinančiais metais pritaikiusi savo garderobui pro šalį neprašaus nė viena.

Andrew Gn Pre / Balmain / Rahul Mishra / Dior 

EN   2017 will be all about strange cut outs, so pick your favorite and go ahead. Completely bare or cut out shoulders will be a go-to look for both formal and party outfits, as well as for your everyday style. It can be fun, it can be sleek and it can be rebellious, depending on the occasion. In more conservative countries it is expected for a woman to cover her shoulders, but based on the statistics of my readers, most of you probably can wear whatever. No matter where you live, shoulders are quite intimate and seductive, so feel free to show this part of the body during a date night!


Amway press conference

Event planners' photo / organizatorių nuotr.
EN If I don't have any lectures in the morning, I prefer laying in bed till noon and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest feed (make sure you follow me on both!), so it was really hard for me to get up and get ready. A couple of days ago I attended a press conference where a research on people's healthy lifestyle intentions was presented by an expert. Then, Lithuanian blogger Simona Burbaitė shared her story and her talk was followed by a presentation of a new immunity drink Phyto2GO and a limited edition Artistry Signature Color makeup line by Amway. Check out how everything looked like!
One of the biggest advantages of attending such events is getting to try out the new products. Let me start with the immunity drink which is made of natural ingredients. It was surprising that an organic drink can be this sweet, but it was still very different from any juice I have ever tasted. It is quite pricey, so I will most likely not choose to drink it for a pleasure instead of any delicious liquids or water, but it's definitely refreshing. Keeping in mind that this drink is healthy, I will keep the twist caps for myself.
Moving on to the beauty products I brought from the event, I don't want to write a whole review here, so I'll just say that some products are okay, and some products are great. I love their shimmer powder and the highlighting tint, because it's really easy to create a natural, not over the top look using that one. Maybe it will make it to my beauty favorites post, we will see.


Woman crush: Zendaya

EN   I believe it's time for a new #womancrush post! It's not often that well known people of all age groups are crushing on a young celebrity, so when they do, there must be some reasons behind that. Zendaya is a talented American girl who is one of the most famous influencers.