Amway press conference

Event planners' photo / organizatorių nuotr.
EN If I don't have any lectures in the morning, I prefer laying in bed till noon and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest feed (make sure you follow me on both!), so it was really hard for me to get up and get ready. A couple of days ago I attended a press conference where a research on people's healthy lifestyle intentions was presented by an expert. Then, Lithuanian blogger Simona Burbaitė shared her story and her talk was followed by a presentation of a new immunity drink Phyto2GO and a limited edition Artistry Signature Color makeup line by Amway. Check out how everything looked like!
One of the biggest advantages of attending such events is getting to try out the new products. Let me start with the immunity drink which is made of natural ingredients. It was surprising that an organic drink can be this sweet, but it was still very different from any juice I have ever tasted. It is quite pricey, so I will most likely not choose to drink it for a pleasure instead of any delicious liquids or water, but it's definitely refreshing. Keeping in mind that this drink is healthy, I will keep the twist caps for myself.
Moving on to the beauty products I brought from the event, I don't want to write a whole review here, so I'll just say that some products are okay, and some products are great. I love their shimmer powder and the highlighting tint, because it's really easy to create a natural, not over the top look using that one. Maybe it will make it to my beauty favorites post, we will see.