OOTD: I bought the ugliest shirt on the Internet

EN   Hello! Here I am saying hi again and wearing the ugliest shirt in the world and this is not even a clickbait. The reason I am saying that is because the first time I saw it was in a video called "Wearing The Ugliest Shirt In The World For A Week" by Safiya Nygaard. If you don't know who she is, the girl first started creating content for BuzzFeed and now has her own Youtube channel where she tries weird clothes and just does fun stuff. This shirt is from ASOS and it's called "ASOS T-Shirt with Washed Band Print and Exaggerated Ruffle" and totally broke the Internet back in spring. The first impression this piece of clothing left was really great and I instantly thought it was unique, playful and cool. I saw some pretty negative comments on Safiya's video and that made me want to google what others think of it. Many people were confused and kept asking why would anyone make or buy such shirt. Meanwhile, I was down to buy it.


Trend report: the slippers you need to know about

EN   If you are the kind of person who loves online shopping on every possible website (which means your shopping cart has a huge amount of chothing items you never end up buying), you must have seen this trend. It has been around for way more than a year, but now it seems to be at its peak, because everyone is able to easily get a pair of these shoes, when in reality only a couple actually will. This shoe trend is everywhere now and is not leaving the runways of famous fashion designers anytime soon. If you still don't get what the fuss is about, we are talking about the babouche slippers. You can call them as you prefer, because there are so many different designs and names for a pair of shoes, which originally came from Morocco. It does not matter whether it is an original pair or one of the recent variations, this is on a serious Carrie Bradshaw level. Why don't we talk about "the ugly shoe", which does not seem to be so ugly anymore?