My name is Aušrinė and I'm a 21-year-old fashion and beauty lover from Lithuania. I started writing Passion and Unicorns almost accidentally and with no expectations. Now, it is a part of my daily life. At first sight, the name of the blog has nothing to do with fashion, but passion stands for my love for art and unicorns are left for imagination and creativity. I usually post photos of my outfits, share my inspiration, write about various trends and events I attend every once in a while, but you can also find DIYs, hauls, reviews and my beauty favorites. Passion and Unicorns is a blog for everyone to find an inspiration on, learn about latest fashion trends and some beauty products.

I am writing this blog for you with a huge pleasure, so I hope you are enjoying it. I read all the comments and your honest opinion is always very important. Thank you for supporting me throughout the years, because I would not be doing this if it wasn't for you, and welcome if you are new here.

To let me know that you are reading and to find some more details of my daily life and be updated, you can follow me on my social media platforms.

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